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The closest international airport to the symposium location is Jacksonville International Airport (symbol JAX), in Jacksonville, FL. If you are planning on renting a car, arriving at Jacksonville International is the best choice.

If you are planning to fly directly to the Symposium, it is easiest to fly to Atlanta (Hartsfield Airport; symbol ATL) Georgia and connect to Brunswick Georgia (symbol BQK). It is a short taxi ride from there to the Symposium Hotel site. To assist in planning your flights, we have listed Delta Airline’s Flight Schedule between Atlanta GA and Brunswick GA below. If you wish to schedule a Taxi at Brunswick Airport to the Symposium Hotel, please see information about MAX Transport (below).

Delta Airlines

Operates regional jet service between Atlanta Georgia and Brunswick Georgia.

Flight Schedules as of 7 Nov. 2017 follow. Please check with the airline, as schedules change frequently.

Atlanta (Hartsfield) International Airport (ATL) to Brunswick, GA (BQK) (St. Simons Island)

Saturday, February 17th, and Sunday, February 18th:
  • DELTA #3361 Departs Atlanta (ATL) 10:25 AM Arrives Brunswick (BQK) 11:37 AM
  • DELTA #3765 Departs Atlanta (ATL) 7:50 PM Arrives Brunswick (BQK) 8:58 PM

Brunswick (BQK) (St. Simons Island) to Atlanta (Hartsfield) International Airport (ATL)

Friday, February 23rd
  • DELTA #3338 Departs Brunswick (BQK) 6:15 AM Arrives Atlanta (ATL) 7:20 AM
  • DELTA #3361 Departs Brunswick (BQK) 11:55 AM Arrives Atlanta (ATL) 1:05 PM
  • DELTA #3497 Departs Brunswick (BQK) 4:34 PM Arrives Atlanta (ATL) 5:45 PM
Saturday, February 24th
  • DELTA #3338 Departs Brunswick (BQK) 6:15 AM Arrives Atlanta (ATL) 7:20 AM
  • DELTA #3361 Departs Brunswick (BQK) 2:15 PM Arrives Atlanta (ATL) 3:29 PM

Ground Transportation to St. Simons Island

To make a reservation with MAX Transport, please call 866-634-7749 or go to theirĀ website

Rate from Jacksonville Airport to St. Simons Island = $100.00 cash ($105.00 by credit card).

From St. Simons Island to Jacksonville Airport = $90.00 cash ($95.00 by credit card).

Notes: Each additional person is $5.00.