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Sanibel Endowment

The Sanibel meeting is privately supported and arranged. To ensure its continuing role in the field, we ask that our attendees and friends consider joining those who have endowed the meeting, by making a donation. All checks should be made out to the University of Florida and be sent to Heather Nichols.


Army Research Office
Joy McCann Foundation
Oak Ridge Associated Universities
U.S. Department of Energy


Dr. Janet E. Del Bene
Dr. Charlotte Froese Fischer
Dr. Frank Harris
Dr. James W. King
Dr. F.A. Matsen


Dr. & Mrs. Rodney J. Bartlett
Dr. Paul Chun
Dr. Robin Davies
Dr. & Mrs. Osvaldo Goscinski
Dr. Herbert W. Jones
Dr. Jerome Karle
Dr. Norman March
Dr. Kimio Ohno
Dr. & Mrs Yngve Öhrn
Dr. Robert G. Parr
Dr. Ruben Pauncz
Dr. John P. Perdew
Dr. Peter Politzer
Dr. & Mrs. John R. Sabin
Dr. Fukashi Sasaki
Dr. & Mrs. James Talman
Dr. Samuel B. Trickey & Ms. Cynthia Karle
Dr. Kizashi Yamaguchi


Dr. Hai-Ping Cheng
Dr. Alex Green
Dr. John E. Harriman
Dr. Yaun He
Dr. Gene Hemp
Dr. Jeffrey L. Krause
Dr. David A. Micha
Dr. Hendrik J. Monkhorst
Mr. Christopher J. Obara
Dr. Peter Politzer
Dr. Otto E. Steinborn
Dr. J. Patrick Tatum
Dr. Kizashi Yamaguchi