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60th Sanibel Symposium: The Next 60 Years!

The Theory Meeting for Theoreticians

The Meeting is scheduled for:

St. Simons, Island, GA

Feb 16- Feb 21, 2020


Now is time to register for the annual Sanibel Meeting on the topic of the quantum theory of atoms, molecules, solids, and biosystems!

The largest, annual meeting in the field will re-convene Feb. 16 – Feb. 21, 2020, at St. Simons Island, GA in the historic King and Prince Hotel. The ‘Sanibel Meeting’ emphasizes the cutting edge of new developments in electronic structure theory and dynamics. This year’s historic, 60th anniversary meeting will take the opportunity to address these new insights and their role in the evolution of the field over the next 60 years. Many of those new developments will build upon themes nurtured by QTP and its Sanibel voice, from density matrices, to Xα and DFT, to coupled-cluster theory, and beyond. Some specific topics to be addressed include:

  • “Novel Coupled-cluster Methods and Applications”
  • “Seamless Connection Between WFT and KS-DFT”
  • “Electronic Structure Theory Beyond DFT for Solids”
  • “Relativistic Quantum Mechanics”
  • “Quantum Chemistry for Biological Molecules”
  • “Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics”
  • “Quantum Information Science”
  • “Search for Novel Magnetic Systems”
  • “Accurate Quantum Chemistry and Kinetics”
  • “Machine Learning”
  • “Big Data”

In addition to poster presentations, Sanibel offers 30 slots for competitively selected ’hot-topic’ oral presentations that makes it possible for all attendees to present their work comfortably while benefitting from the unique feedback offered by the Sanibel attendees.


Early Registration Ends: November 30th 2019

Abstract Submission Deadline: December 31st 2019

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