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“The Theory Meeting for Theoreticians”
Deferred to February  2022

6 AUGUST 2020 – We have decided to defer the 61st Sanibel Symposium until February 2022.

Our thinking is that one of the major benefits of the Symposia is the opportunity for impromptu scientific conversation. For all the richness of virtual meeting technology, that kind of conversation inevitably is lost. Sanibel also is multi-continental. Virtual meetings across 10 to 12 time zones must of necessity be shorter than normal.

After considering such issues, we concluded that having the genuinely rich scientific experience of the Sanibel Symposium in 2022 is a better choice than struggling within the limitations of an abridged, virtual meeting in 2021.

Please watch this space for further announcements.

12 September 2019 – The Symposium website is moving to a new platform. Over the next few weeks we’ll be finishing the transition. Registration will be open beginning 16 Sept. Please be patient with the rest of the changes. Thank you!

26 March 2019 – The Awards lists have been updated. Both the 2019 (59th Sanibel Symposium) and 2018 (58th Symposium) awardees are listed. We apologize to the 2018 awardees; inexplicably their names had not been added to the listing. Use “2019 Awards & Poster Prizes” link at the left.

08 Feb. 2019 – The full program schedules are available via the “Schedule of Presentations” link at left.

07 Feb. 2019 – ALL of the abstracts are posted (Plenary Speaker, Invited Speaker, Oral “Hot Topics”, Posters). Use the “2019 Abstracts & Program Booklet” link at left please.

Mar. 25, 2019: Contributions to the 59th Symposium Proceedings are due on or before April 30, 2019. See info at left.

The Sanibel Symposium on Quantum Chemistry, Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, Dynamics, and biological applications is being organized once again by the University of Florida’s Quantum Theory Project. It will be held from February 17th — 22nd, 2019 on St. Simons Island, GA (King and Prince Hotel). The 60th Meeting will address several topics primed for critical future development.

In addition to poster presentations, the recently revised Sanibel format allows for up to thirty selected 15-minute oral presentations. Please see the SPEAKER INSTRUCTIONS for more information.

The meeting site is the historic King and Prince Hotel on St. Simons Island, Georgia.  Also, there will be two social events for the attendees and accompanying persons. Please make housing arrangements promptly, as we expect a large attendance. Also note that there are several daily flights from Atlanta to Brunswick, Georgia, which is within a fifteen-minute cab ride of the King and Prince Hotel. Alternatively, one can fly to Jacksonville Florida, about an hour away, and arrange the shuttle (see travel information), or rent a car.

All attendees are encouraged to submit papers to the Sanibel Proceedings, published by Molecular Physics. All papers will be peer reviewed. The deadline for submitted papers from the 59th Symposium (2019) is April 30, 2019.

We look forward to seeing you!